Argan oil – Nourish & Smooth Shampoo for all hair types – 300 ml

Argan oil – Nourish & Smooth Shampoo – Technical specification
Shampoo with new formula for hair care.
Finally, there is a shampoo on our market designed in the most contemporary laboratory in Italy recommended by the World Health Organization for application of the unwanted harmful chemical components used in cosmetics. Therefore a shampoo was designed in this Italian laboratory which in its content does not possess the hard chemical components that are part of every shampoo. Technologists, experts and doctors together created a formula that does not have the harmful sulfates SLES, the dangerous preservative PEG, artificial dyes DEA as well as the risky petroleum derivative – PARABEN. This special formula bonded the scientific achievements and the natural compounds and grew into the perfect cosmetic product for hair care.
Besides the beautiful specific fragrance ARGAN Extract provides the hair silk shine, softness and maintains it healthy and quality.
In the shampoo’s revolutionary formula, the natural mineral MALACHITE is added, renowned for its noble features. Whilst washing the hair this mineral removes all the heavy metals from the hair. Furthermore this mineral is a fantastic antioxidant and detoxificator. It is applied in many medical treatments and is also known as a “rock of good mood”.
Vitamin E – It is proven that the vitamin E encourages the metabolism and therefore in this formula it is added as a compound – encourages hair growth.
All these compounds add to a quality shampoo formula that can be used by women, men and children. The long term use of this exquisite shampoo prevents dandruff, hair loss and other scalp disease. Besides the benefits for the scalp, the hair will be healthy, strong, silky, soft and with volume.
The hair simply becomes flawless.