In the past several years the trends and innovations in the hairdressing profession had the tendency towards enlargement and enhancement of the hair care products and the professional hair dyeing.
For that purpose and as a result of long years of research and pursue of all world news and technologies regarding hairdressing, our company – Styling Professional –  has decided to contribute towards hair quality improvement and facilitation of the products intended for professional use.
We, the team of Styling Professional with assistance of one of the best Italian laboratories and using the recipe of the oldest Moroccan masters for argan oil, have successfully produced this uniqueness and magic hair product – the Argan Oil.
The advantage and novelty regarding this hair oil is in its formula and the easy way in using it i.e. as a combination of the traditional cultivation in usage of the Argan Oil and the modern technology – this unity of rural and modern has brought to the creation of this unique and original hair product!
The magic that this hair oil possesses is in its uniqueness and simplicity – it replaces 10 different products!